I want an anime about the war against isis

Japan vs America robot duel

I think an anime about the 3rd golf war could be a mecha anime that takes place in 2016 because of the Japan vs America robot duel. If they give some back story and if the insurgents are steeling weapons.

When I look at the Syrian civil war i think about the religious demographics of Syria. Most people who live in Syria are Sunni Muslims. Most of this country’s political and military leaders are from the Christian and Alawite minorities. The religious conflict between the Sunni Muslims has been going on for a few decades. This problem began when Bashar Al-Assad’s father Hafez Al-Assad launched the 1963 Syrian coup d’etat. He created an alliance of Christians , Alawites, and other minorities. This alliance overthrow the soviet backed Syrian communist party and replaced it with the Assad regime. Hafez Al-Assad crushed a few uprisings when he was president. I think that the conflict in Syria has gotten worse because Bashar Al-Assad is not as brutal as his father was. He gave his people a small taste of freedom when he began the process of modernizing Syria. His moderation plan included letting the people of Syria have access to the internet. This came back to haunt him when the Arab spring began. That is why there is a conflict inside the Assad regime. There are some people inside the regime who blame his weakness for the uprising. There are some of them who say that they will continue to support the Assad regime if Bashar Al-Assad steps down and is replaced by his younger brother Maher Al-Assad. They see him as a strong leader because he is a general and commander of the republican guard a branch of the army which is reasonable for defending Damascus. There is also a conflict inside the Syrian rebels. There is a jihadi terrorists organisation called ISIS that has been disowned by the AL Qaeda chapter in Iraq because they believe in an interruption of Islam that is just too extremist for them. ISIS is also fighting against some of the more moderate rebels in the Free Syrian Army (FSA). I do understand that not all of them are jihadi terrorists but some of them are and I don’t want to take any chances by arming them.

When I look at the Iraq war i think about all of the Shiite Sunni violence in Iraq. This is a conflict that has been going on for more than a thousand years. It started after the prophet Muhammad died. There was an argument over who would be his successor. This is a problem which became even worse after Saddam was overthrown. During the american occupation of Iraq the country saw the rise of new Shiite militants like the Mahdi Army which was supported by Iran the Shiite heavyweight in the middle east and Islamic state of Iraq a Sunni terrorist group which was supported by Saudi Arabia. They did have a civil war in Iraq in 2013 because of the Shiite Sunni violence they had after the Arab spring in 2011 which turned into a all out civil war in 2013. The Islamic state was created by the Arab spring uprisings in Iraq and Syria.
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anime north

I am going to anime north this year i always like going to anime north they always have a lot of gundam stuff. What do you like about anime north let me know in the comments below.


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The Russo Canadian War

Danny we have to go now. Danny! Big brother. What I can’t hear a word your saying. If you can’t hear me take out your headphones now. What wait a few minute I’ll take out my headphone soon ok? Hey that hurt Tim. What do you want anyway? We need to get out of Yellowknife right now. Why? I was just watching CBC news the national. They said the communist’s are coming to Yellowknife they are going to be here soon if you live in Yellowknife and you don’t want to become a civilian casualty you should get out now! That’s nonsense. It is? Yes it is. The Russian’s haven’t been communists in years that ended after the Soviet Union fall apart and the Russian Federation took over. What is wrong with you Danny? What do you mean? I mean there is a war going on. The Russian AMS-119 Geara-doga are going to be here any minute, our own government estimates that at the rate they are going they will reach Ottawa before 2031, our main allies have abandon us and you want to debate over weather Russia is or is not a still a communist country. Right I guess we should get out of here before the attack begins. Boom! boom! boom! What is going on outside. It looks like the Russians have began their bombing operations we need to get to an air raid shelter right away. My god I can’t believe they destroyed so much of yellow knife so fast. It looks like the bombings have stopped Danny. We should still keep going Tim just in case they start again. Hey Tim look at that. What is it? It’s McDonalds. We don’t have time to think about that right now you idiot. We need to keep moving. We need to focus on keeping ourselves and each other alive. No I mean look at it. What about it? It’s the only building in this area that was not damaged by the air strikes. I want to know why Tim. Let’s go inside. Wait come back here. Wow look at that. What is it Danny? Their is a big hole in the ground with a plastic tube in it lets go into it Wait no don’t do that. Come back here now! Wow you have got to see this Tim. Come down here. What is it? What’s down there? Just come down here and see it. Just tell me what’s down there! Ok fine it looks like some kind of factory and it’s filled with mobile suits but these don’t look like Russian mobile suits. That does not make any scents the Russian military is the only one in the world that uses mobile suits. Besides even if there are any others why would they keep them in a factory under a McDonald’s in yellowknife? Just come down here and see for yourself. Wow this really is a mobile suit factory. See I told you. Hey what are you kids doing down here. Who are you? My name is private jack hill and this is commanding officer captain Mike Hudson. This is a top secret Canadian military base you can’t be here. What are you doing Jack we can’t tell them that. They have already found this place it’s too late for that now. Why did you build a top secret Canadian military base here? How long has it been here for? A few months. We build it here because we wanted to build mobile suits in a safe place here in the Canadian North. It looks like it’s not safe anymore and just when we finally finished our first mobile suit. You finished your first mobile suit? Yap and it’s our strongest one a Gundam. What a Gundam what’s a Gundam? Gundams are a group of mobile suits in the Arctic ally’s. If you have such a strong mobile suit here why don’t you use it? We can’t use it because all of our pilots are dead now. They were in that burger king across the street when the bombs started dropping. You guys have a secret base in burger king to. No they just wanted to go out for lunch today. All of them? Yes all of them. What are the chances?
Wait what are you doing Danny? I’m going into the Gundam’s cockpit. I can see that but why? Weren’t you listening to him? All of their pilots are dead if we want to use the Gundam to defend yellowknife we will have to do it ourselves. But you don’t know how to use a mobile suit. I’ll figure it out as I go along. Don’t bring it back here right away if it gets damaged lost or stolen it comes out of my pay check and it’s a very expansive weapon. It costs millions just to make one of it. Wow how are you going to pay for it? I can’t.

This is not that hard the controls are very simple. They kind of remind me of the controls of the mecha games at the arcade. Ok now that I have figured out how to use this thing. I’ll start looking for those Geara-dogas now. This is Captain Hudson can you hear me. Yes I can hear you what do you what do you want. I want to help you fight the Geara-dogas. But he’s just a civilian. He’s not even an adult yet. I know Jack that but I can’t just sit here and do nothing while the Russian destroy yellow knife and every one in it. There is a team of Geara-dogas about ten miles to your right. There are three of them. I want you to start by going there and destroying all of them. Don’t worry about causing civilian casualties the Geara-dogas have already killed all of the civilians in that part of the city. That sounds hard fighting three enemy’s at once. Don’t worry about that the Geara-dogas are just cheep mass produced mobile suits the X-105 strike is a one of a kind mobile suit that is to Expansive to mass produce. They won’t stand a chance against you. That is why Jack did not want you to use it. Their they are kill them. What kind of mobile suit is that? It looks expansive. Is it one of ours? I’m sure it is we are the ones who use mobile suits. Hello which unit are you from. Shoot him now kill him. Bang! Ahh! I’ve been hit Boom! Oh my god he just killed him. It looks like I was right he is not one of us. That was fun. One down two to go. You will pay for that. He’s getting close switch to your beam sword. Use it to cut off his arm the one that holds his beam axe. Now run your beam sword through his cockpit that will kill the pilot and cause the mobile suit to explode a few seconds after you stab it. So back away quickly after you’re done. Good two down one to go. It looks like he’s trying to run away don’t let him. You want me to kill a retreating soldier captain Hudson. Don’t be stupid Danny this is war we have to kill our enemies when we have the chance so they can’t come back and kill us or one of our own somewhere down the line. Bang boom. That’s three out of three. Ok now that that’s out of the way. There is another team five miles to your left destroy them. Another one seven miles north of you destroy them. One more nine miles south of you destroy them. Good now that you have killed all of their mobile suits and the R.C.AF has shot down all of their air craft the battle for yellow knife is over come back to McDonalds.

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‘Tokyo Ghoul’ season 3 release details: Fans want a reboot instead of another season

tokyo-ghoul-season-3While waiting for the official confirmation about the status of the production of “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3 from FUNimation, some fans say they would rather see a completely revamped version of the anime adaptation of Sui Ishida’s dark fantasy manga series.

Complaints about how FUNimation deviated from the original manga have been rampant online. Many fans believe that the creative changes that were included in the TV adaptation of “Tokyo Ghoul” have affected its entire plot.
Based on the rants posted on a “Tokyo Ghoul”-dedicated forum, the changes in the plot shown in the anime are already irredeemable, which made it harder for the writers of FUNimation to put it back to the original storyline from the manga.

“I don’t want a season 3. I want someone to start animating ‘Tokyo Ghoul’ from scratch, with all the gore and scenes from the manga, after that happened to all 143 chapters we can talk about an anime for regarding in my opinion,” one of the fans posted on the forum.

While there are no available updates regarding the development of “Tokyo Ghoul” season 3, Movie Pilot previously reported that FUNimation Entertainment President and CEO Gen Fukunaga confirmed that the anime’s third season will come out in 2016, together with the release of a “Tokyo Ghoul” video game. Read the rest of this entry »

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